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Straight Tail - 4.5"


I really wish people knew more about theses amazing worms. Heck the color- Sand Bottom Kraw I didn't think they would work at all. Think for a minute, the best prices and they work great. Sand Bottom Kraw is the same color as Prism Kraw from Roboworm. Why pay more for the same quality and same color when you can go with a Preferred Plastics Custom Baits. Roboworm is 4.19 a pack for 6 worms when these are only 1/4 of the price, shoot if you buy a 19 dollar pack for 50 pack do the math people, you would have to pay 37.71 for 50 not including the tax for Robo worm. I'm sorry for rambling on so much i'm just really excited because this worm color is GREAT,it has won me a tournament when nothing else worked. Everyone this worked for me and still continues to work. Thanks Preferred Plastics, "your the best". :)
Date Added: 09/04/2013 by Skylar Danzy
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