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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a product Catalog?

Yes, online. View our Standard Styles, Japanese(Nippon) Styles, and Custom Colors. These are viewable by clicking on the style listed under categories .

What is a single color, two color, or split pour?

Go to Single Pour, Two Pour, Split Pour

How do I rig your baits?

Go to How to Rig a Worm

How do I order online?

Go to How to Order and follow instructions. Use third party Paypal To order PPCB products.

I would like to order offline, what do I do?

Download an Order Form send check or money order. We will allow the check to clear, once cleared the order will be processed.

Can I have a specific color bait matched?

Contact Us & send a sample of the color you would like. We will match it. Include address & phone number.

What are the quantities I can Order?

Standards or Nippon colors are bags of 25 or more. Custom color pallet bags are of 50 or 100. Mail in customs, are bags of 100 or more. Tackle Shops have bags of 10.

How much are shipping fees?

S & H Charge Order Total
$5.50 $0.01 - $20.00
$6.50 $20.01 - $40.00
$7.50 $40.01 - $60.00
Free $60.01 +

Is there sales tax?

If you live within California, CA State Tax = 7.75 added to your order.

When will I receive my order?

*Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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